SMTP for POP users
Hi,I have tried googling this and bashing at it for 2 weeks now. I have 3 users that do not VPN (using POP/SMTP).I can't get SMTP to work. (POP works with no problem)Same setup with SMTP however remote client finds the server but however can't login or send messages. I must add that i've tried all obvious solutions such as making their client "check off this server requires authentication" or on exchange side protocol put smtp server allows "Basic Authentication" and all that.... still, this one service doesn't allow relay (neight can i even "tellnet 25")Thanks
September 29th, 2006 7:16pm

POP & SMTP are 2 different protocols and use different ports. It is good that you are requiring your non-VPN clients to authenticate for SMTP but you need to make sure those requests are reaching the server. If your SMTP server is behind a firewall you need to allow SMTP and route those requests to the SMTP server. The firewall could be trying to process the SMTP auth but it doesn't have access to the directory so it fails. If you are not behind a firewall consider it... Regardless you should be able to telnet to the STMP server. If you are getting relay denied you need to configure the SMTP server to allow connection from the accounts/domains the users are trying to connect with. You don't want to allow open relay but you can allow specific relaying with proper authentication.could you post some more detailed info on the connection error
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October 9th, 2006 8:59am

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