SMTP Error 500 Line too long
We are running Exchange 2007 SP1 on Windows 2008 SBS. Some email coming from the outside (usually AOL) are getting kicked back to the sender with the error: >>> DATA <<< 500 Line too long 554 5.5.0 Remote protocol error From what I can tell in researching this is the email contains more than 1000 characters on a single line. We never encountered this with Exchange 2003 so I'm thinking that this is an enhancement made in exchange 2007 to help combat spam. We use a hardware firewall for spam filtering so we were wondering if there is a way to set Exchange to ignore this. Anyone have any ideas?
April 13th, 2009 11:24pm

Where does the incoming email land first of all? Is it your Exchange Server directly from internet or some other SMTP service? This isnt an Exchange Server 2007 problem I believe. AFAIK, the accepted line length is increased to 8,000. The one you have described above is for Exchange Server 2003.M Milind Naphade | MCTS:M |
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April 14th, 2009 9:33am

The incoming email hits a watchguard firewall first which does the spam filtering for us via a SMTP proxy. Do you think this could be causing the line too long error?
April 14th, 2009 10:32pm

You were right! The message was coming from the SMTP proxy service on the firewall. The proxy service has a setting that controls the maximum line length. This was set to 1000. To fix it I increased the limit to the one you said was imposed by Exchange of 8,000, resent my test email and it went through just fine. Just an FYI-for some reason most of the emails I was notified of came from the domain. To fix (I have the Watchguard Firebox X Edge X20e) 1. Firewall > Incoming > SMTP Proxy 2. Click Edit 3. Click the SMTP Settings Tab 4. Change Maximum Line Length
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April 14th, 2009 10:57pm

I am glad that it is working for you now.Milind Naphade | MCTS:M |
April 15th, 2009 5:53am

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