Resource room calendar not rejecting ALL conflicts
We have several resource rooms in Exchange 2007 (moved\converted from E2K3) that seem to be working as expected when meeting requests are done correctly with the room invited as a resource, except what seems to be one glitch regarding conflicts.If a user does a meeting request from within their calendar, and a conflict exists, the user receives a conflict rejection email as they should (rooms are set to not accept conflicts)HOWEVER...If a user opens the resource room calendar (they have full permissions for viewing purposes as an alternative to using free\busy), and they create the meeting request from there (still correctly using room as a resource), they are NOT sent a conflict email if there is a conflict, and the event is posted to the room calendar.My thought is that they may not be getting the email since it was done from the room calendar, but even then the calendar should not accept and post the meeting. It appears that when the meeting is created from within the Calendar, it accepts the request even if there is a conflict.Do I need to change a setting someplace or is there any way to make fix this so the resource room sends the organizer a conflict email even if the meeting request is done from the Resource(room) Calendar? Is this a glitch caused by the E2K3 - E2K7 conversion?
February 12th, 2009 4:01am

It because the user is creating the meeting request directly on the resources calendar so why would the resource reject it since the source is its own calendar. I would suggest limiting their permissions to folder visible and read (full details) so they can see the entries on that calendar but it won't allow them to create conflicts by creating a meeting directly from that resources calendar.Sr. Exchange Engineer - Constellation Energy
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February 12th, 2009 4:51am

Thanks Aaron,I'll give that a shot. I had reconfirmed the isssue this morning, just to make sure it was not a delayed replication issue with Free\Busy information updates for the calendar.Is there a way I can adjust the permissions to the room calendar now in SP1 using the EMC?I initially set the rooms up during our conversion several months shortly after releasein RTM and I remember I had to add the full permissions using EMS and I'm more of a GUI person when possible. The only way I had figured out due to the limited information was to allow the users to view the calendar at that time was to do the full permissions route.
February 12th, 2009 7:08pm

I would remove their full access permission via EMC or EMS and they should by default be able to open the calendar and view the data. If not you would have to open the mailbox in Outlook and set client permissions on the calendar iteslfSr. Exchange Engineer - Constellation Energy
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February 12th, 2009 11:32pm

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