Problem with grouping rows and freezing panes - Excel locks up!
I'm having a weird problem I can't sort out in Excel 2013. I have a large spreadsheet, and have several groups of rows that I can freeze and unfreeze. (Just one "level" of groupings; that is, no nested grouped rows.)  All works just fine, except...   

I add one more set of grouped rows, with the bottom of the grouping three rows above the split.  I can collapse that group just fine, but then when I try to expand it, it doesn't "push" the split down, like it should; rather, the split stays in place, with the ungrouped rows seeming to expand "past" the split (below it).  And, Excel freezes up and needs to be killed off with the task manager! 

If I just delete all the grouped rows that seem to be causing the issue, I then I still have the grouping just three rows above the split, but it's back to working just fine! That is, expanding any of the groups (that are above the split) pushes the split down, and collapsing them "pulls" the split up.   

Normally I can come up with theories as to what's causing problems (and/or Google to get ideas), but in this case, with Excel just freezing up, I have no idea. 

Any suggestions? 

Thanks - Steve 
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August 25th, 2015 10:32pm

In case anyone is reading this and is having the same issue, I stumbled on the issue (and solution). The problems were comments on the cells that, somehow due to copying and pasting, were on the other side of the split. (Yes, this caused Excel to crash!) The fix was just to edit all the comments, moving them back close to the cells they're attached to (and, in particular, on the same side of the split as the comment).


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August 31st, 2015 8:38pm

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