PLease help I goona be mad with my smtp failure
Dear all,Since today my exchange server under my SBS 2003 was working fine and was able to get and send email without trouble.Last night my ISP lunch an update of my internet router and change the default seeting of the router IP adress.based on that I add to run again the INternet and mail wizard configuration of my SBS2003.Fine I can receive emails from my client outlook 2003 BUT sending fails all the time with same error :" #5.5.0 smtp;503 This mail server requires authentication when attempting to send to a non-local e-mail address"Based on tis autentication stuff I have an authentication for my ISP and I have an authentication on a host provider who handle my mail box and domain I guess this authetication is the one of email hosting right ?Then I have set in my SMTP connector the Outboud security and enter my login name and passwordBut still the same whne I send an email from my client it fails with same error.Then I hve try to use TELNET and type following command :Telnetset localechoopen 25At this point i get as answer 220**************************************Then I type in ELHO solays.combut the get an error 503 bad sequece of commandAny help on how to solve this SMTP stuf ?Any way to reset my SBS email config maybe ?On my SMTP connector I have an option that I set to "Do not send ETRN/TURNthnaks for help :-(Your experience is build from the one of others
June 11th, 2009 9:15pm

Hi,It looks like you are using Cisco PIX router. This may helps:,Zoltn - Free Antivirus for Exchange
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June 11th, 2009 9:28pm

no I do not have a Cisco router I have a basic router which is provide by my ISPhere is what I have done from the CEICW on SBS 2003:1- I have the check box set for email on Service configuration2- IN create Certificate I select do not change3- As I am not using DNS to rediret my email, I have select Forwal all email to email server and I type in the mail server as : 4- Then on the Incoming mail method screen i have select to use POP3, the check use Exchange and set option in order that mails are host at my ISP side until my server send a signal. Then I enter again the server mail to send the signal to as : 5- For the type of signal I have ETRN which is set ( I do not know really here)6- The next page I have to enter my domaine name for my mail box : Thats it for the configuration of CEICW that I have done Then next I follow the next steps as :Server Management | Advanced Management | First Organization (Exchange) |Connectors | (right click) SmallBusiness SMTP Connector | Properties |Advanced | Outbound Security | Basic Authentication | Modify. Then I enter here the login account to the provider that host my mailbox on domain solatys.comwhich is a different account as my ISP which give the outside line. Which credential should be then ? Anything special that I miss or did wrong ?Thnaks for helpregardssergeYour experience is build from the one of others
June 11th, 2009 9:45pm

Hi,This issue is related to SBS 2003, to get more professional support, please post this case on the SBS 2003 newsgroup. for your cooperation.Allen
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June 17th, 2009 5:34am

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