Organization name not correctly set when doing a GUI install
I have a lab setup in order to test Exchange 2007 there is no 2003 servers and the AD was build from scratch.When I install using the GUI the first Exchange server (CA and MB server role) I am asked for the Exchange organization name I change the suggested name to "Organization" (also tried "Exchange Organization") the install goes fine and I can manage the server. But in the AD in the configuration naming context under Services/Microsoft Exchange the displayed Organization name is the following Guid: 335A1087-5131-4D45-BE3E-3C6C7F76F5ECThen if I install on another server the Hub role I am again prompted for the Organization name.If the installation is done with command line mode it is better as the Organization name is partially updated in the AD. Partialy because the AdminDisplayname is still the GUID and not the entered Organization name. There is also a problem in the OrganizationName parameter of the command line mode. If the parameter is /OrganizationName:Exchange Organization then the Organization name will be set to ExchangeOrganization. The space is discarded. The correct syntax that need to appears in the help is /OrganizationName:"Exchange Organization". Regards Jacques
September 5th, 2006 12:49pm

Found other problems with that badly set Organization name. Mailboxes are created with a correct legacyExchangedn (Exchange Organization) but distribution list have this legacyExchangeDn 335A1087-5131-4D45-BE3E-3C6C7F76F5EC. Has anybody encountered same problem? Jacques
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September 9th, 2006 11:59am

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