Method for end users to grant FullAccess permissions?
We're in the process of migrating our Exchange 2003 conference room mailboxes to Exchange 2007 resource mailboxes. On the whole, has been a failrly easy transition as most of our CR's are pretty "hands off". However, there are a few that are in demand and require some manual management by admins. I've documented a process for them to log in via OWA and do all the things they need to be able to do, however I'm wondering if there's a way they can grant eachother the FullAccess permissions needed to perform these tasks. With Exchange 2003, the account owners could simply supply someone with the login password and they'd be set. In Exchange 2007, there doesn't seem to a good way to allow the "owners" of these mailboxes to do that. Since the users that already have FullAccess can grant Delegate access, I'm writing up a script that runs periodically and grants all Delegates FullAccess permissions. However, I can't help thinking theres a more elegant solution out there. any ideas? Appreciate anything you can provide.....thanks! jm
July 23rd, 2010 10:12pm

Perhaps instead of granting individuals "Full Access" to a mailbox, create a group that has "Full Access" to your Conference Room resources. Then add/remove people from the group as necessary. Or, better yet, mail-enabled the group, then in Active Directory, edit the Security on the group so that group members can edit the membership list. That way, the members of the group could add others as needed via Outlook. Not sure if that is any more elegant or not. :-)Jim McBee - Blog -
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July 23rd, 2010 11:24pm

Not a bad plan, but unfortunately we have multiple sets of CR's being managed by multiple sets of Admins. Most mailboxes won't require any additional management - but for the ones that do, preferred solution would be to allow them to manage their own access to each. jm
July 26th, 2010 7:24pm

*BUMP* (i promise I'll only do this once)
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August 4th, 2010 9:42pm

Have you tried just having the end user grant permissions via Outlook as they would to all/part of their own mailbox?Active Directory, 4th Edition -
August 8th, 2010 12:56am

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