How can I configure / change Standard-IMAP-Folders in Outlook 2013

In Outlook 2010 you could select your prefered server folder for "Sent" and "Deleted" to store mails directly on the server.

In 2013 the Tabs are Missing. All other imap settings are exactly the same.

Is this a bug or did you move this setting to a different place? Are there some Reg-Keys to fix the Issue?

Especially all Non-US-Users will find it very hard to be forced to switch to Standard-US-English expressions for their Standard Mail Folders (sent, junk, draft...). Plus: we want to save our (sent) Mails on the IMAP server and not on the client. Even the MS Mail-App in Win8 leaves us this option, why ist Outlook so harsh to its Users.

Is there a chance to get a fix in previous service packs?

Thank's a lot.

February 26th, 2013 12:34am

Thanks for your comments Diane. I appreciate your answer personally, and I know since Sue Mosher published their first posts there. But My Webmailer / Provider simply does not support changing the IMAP-Foldernames, so this is not an option for me.

In the past I did not even have to think about workarounds like that. I just chose the right server folder for my drafts, sent and deleted mails and I had the same behavior and folders configured in Outlook and in any other mailer I used - even KMail lets you do the choice yourself. This is user-friendly as I would call it.

It seems that the behavior of Outlook 2013 has been willingly changed and it is now not at all user-friendly in this respect. So I will have to use Outlook 2010, or MS Mail-App or any other Product that lets ME choose what mail folders I want to sync when checking my emails.

I think the intention behind that is to bring users to either switch to an Exchange account ($) or to use an account with MAPI-Functionality (MS-bound), which is plain stupid, because most of us would have to switch Providers and/or mailadresses only to stay with a very expensive Office product!

But if that is what MS forces us to do, we just have to stick to the old stuff or to switch to more user-friendly and more configurable products which are definitely out there... and they are functional.... and they are often FOR FREE.

So I once again beg you Diane, the MS Product Managers and all MS Staff for Outlook product development, in the name of all outlook users out there: bring us back the choice or we will have to choose!

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February 26th, 2013 8:46am

Outlook gets the folder names from the server but apparently there is a problem with non-English folder name matching.

Thanks again for your reply. I think that really could be the underlying technical issue.

But again: That would not be a problem for customers if it was still configurable by users. Maybe the easiest way for MS to deal with it, would be to revert it to the old way of dealing with IMAP Folders, and coming up later with a quality-insured solution, where an X-List query of an IMAP Server in a German version of the product accepts "Gesendet" equally as a Standard Folder containing "sent items" an so on.

Formerly we called that kind of software "Banana-Software", because it ripens at the customers desk!

thx for addressing this issue again in the name of all non us-citizen Outlook-Users, as it seem to be an issue of interest on the internet that is quiet often discussed and also a source of bad reputation for MS.

February 27th, 2013 1:54pm

Just migrated my wife's computer to Win8 & Office 2013, and discovered this problem.

To make it worse, on her Android tablet, a similar issue exists, so she now has not just 2 but multiple "Sent", "Deleted", "Junk", "Drafts" etc. folders, some of them remaining local (e.g. on the Android tablet). A nightmare.

She's not very computer literate, so it's a real pain in the ...

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May 5th, 2015 11:33am

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