Export Mailbox From Remote Exchange Server
Is there are ony way to export mailboxes from remote exchange 2007. Export-mailbox cmdlet will not work in my situation becouse i have x64 server, so the only way is to connect to this server using poweshell from remote pc. Is it possible?
June 24th, 2009 11:28am

The only way to run the export-mailbox cmdlet is from a 32bit version of Exchange 2007 management tools, which would be a client computer (XP/VISTA 32bit) that should be able to communicate with the Exchange server in question. http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb266964.aspx http://www.msexchange.org/articles_tutorials/exchange-server-2007/management-administration/exchange-2007-sp1-mailbox-management-part1.html Those two links should walk you through the process and requirements.
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June 24th, 2009 11:34am

Ok, next question, how could i connect to exchange 2007 serverin another domain from powershell?I know, that using powershell 2, i could connect to remote exchange server 2010, is there are any way for exchange 2007.
June 24th, 2009 11:45am

The client computer is it on the domain or do you have an options to log into that domain with Exchange creditials that would allow you to do the export mailbox cmdlet. Maybe I'm looking at it the wrong way, but I'll give quick example in my thinking. lets say I had domain named ABC-Parent.com and a child domain of EFG-Child.ABC-Parent.com. It depends on how your forest and org is setup and designed. You could have segmented your Exchange 2007 org be a domain for Admin permissions reasons. Either way if it was my client computer during login I would just choose the EFG-Child as my login domain and login with credential to do the export mailbox of the Exchange server in that domain. Give me a few more details using (fake) names on what your trying to accomplish, I'm a bit better with visual when looking through an issue and I'll might be able to explain it a better way then.
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June 24th, 2009 11:51am

I logged to domain a.com, and ineed to export mailbox from domain b.com, exchange server is the only server in this domain, and it absolutly independent from my enviroment.
June 24th, 2009 12:33pm

If domain B is a completely different forest then there isnt away from your machine to do it, your client has to be part of that domain in order to make the connect and talk to the Exchange server to execute the powershell cmdlet. In your example the a.com and b.com are two different forest and not one forest with multiple partent/child domains. If that is the case and its two forest I dont think its possible to export, ive never tried since I log into the domain that I need to do the export on. If I have time I'll try it in my test lab across forest (not trusted) and see if it works, but I'm 95% sure its probably not going to. If someone else can chime in and verify that has tried it that would be great for my own personal knowledge as well.
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June 24th, 2009 12:41pm

Ok, i resolved the problem of backup, setting remote outlook client and exporting pst file from it:)
June 29th, 2009 9:42am

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