Exchange Cluster and External Recipient
I have an issue with Exchange Cluster and external recipient. We have an Exchange 2003 SP2 2-node active/passive Backend on WIndows 2003SP1 with a front end server.We formelly hosted 2 domains on our infrastructure, say and A while ago we removed which is now hosted externally, and created external contacts for the email adresses. The problem is when I switch the cluster to the second node, Exchange still considers the addresses as internal adresses, and the mail bounce. When I switch back the cluster to the first node, the mail goes out as expected.I tried recreating a recipient policy and deleting it agian, and I complettelly removed all references to and re-ran the RUS, but nothing works.Thanks for any help!Christian
February 25th, 2009 12:02am

Hi Christian,I normally start troubleshooting such problems by running ExBPA. Have you already tried running ExBPA?Milind Naphade | MCTS:M |
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September 25th, 2009 1:43am

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