Exchange 2007 SP1 CCR - new drive
Greetings,We are running Exchange 2007, SP1. Our mailbox server(s) are using CCR. The mailbox DB's and Log Files currently reside on the D and E partitions of our mailbox server(s).Our objective isto bring a new disk online and move the mailbox DB and Logfiles to this new drive. I am thinking of doing the following to migrate the Exchange data to this new drive:* Install the new drive on the CCR Standby Exchange Mailbox Server* On the new drive, create new partitions on the new drive and assign temporary drive letters to these partitions* On the new drive, recreate the directory structures for the Mailbox DB's and Log Files on the new partition(s) but leave these directories empty.* On the Standby CCR Mailbox, change thedrive letters that currently house the Exchange DB and Exchange Log Files. The "old" drive currently has a D drive (DB's) and E drive (Logs) that I would change to, say, T and U, for example.* Change the drive letters for the new partitions to match the drive letters of the old drive - in this case - D and E. So at this point, the new disk has been assigned the partition drive letters (D and E) that match the old drive partition letters and the Exchange Directory structure exists for the mailbox DB and Log Files.* Using the Exchange Management Console, execute the Manage Clustered Mailbox Server to move the clustered mailbox server to move the mailbox server to the passive node with the new drive.* TestDoes this approach make sense, or is there a better method?This can be done during the weekend during our maintence window, so I do have the luxury of some downtime if needed. Thanks for your comments / ideas.
June 8th, 2009 9:25pm

Hi,That would probably work.You must remember to stop the log shipping (suspend-storagegroupcopy), move data database and logfiles manually after the rename of the diskdrives and then the resume-storagegroupcopy.Even with the suspend command the files might still be in use in which case you haveto stop all exchange services on the passive node.You are going to have database and logfiles on the same disk (not the best option performance wise)??You are not going to add disks to both nodes?In the last case help.Leif
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June 9th, 2009 1:08am

Leif,Thanks for your input. That helped me in my planning.
June 11th, 2009 1:00am

H,, We did same thing 2days ago,so i would prefer to share my task plan with you. Requred permission --------------------------- Exchange Server Administrator Group and Local Administrator group Procedure --------------- Changes the configuration Moves the copy on the active server Moves the copy on the passive server Move Databases in CCR --------------------------------- 1)Halt log replication and log shipping on Storage Group 2)Dismount the Database Dismount-Database -Identity <Server\StorageGroupName\DatabaseName> 3)Move Database Move-DatabasePath -Identity "EXCHCCR\First Storage Group\MailBox Database -EdbFilePath E:\1SG -ConfigurationOnly Note:-In a CCR environment, you must use the -ConfigurationOnly parameter. The new location must not be the root directory of a volume. 4) Move the files to new location 5)Mount the Database Mount-Database 6)Restart the Replication Resume-StorageGroupCopy -Identity <Server\StorageGroupName> Note:-Microsoft recommend create same directory structure in both nodes. Note:-I suggest you to move all users to different Storage Group before start task plan.because something goes wrong still users have access to their mailboxs. Regards Chinthaka
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June 11th, 2009 3:50am

Dear Chinthaka:hope you are fine; want to change the location for theexchange 2007logs and we have ccr environment, we have the following :on active node:Partition D : currently contains both database and logPartition E : empty and the same settings for passive nodewe want to makepartition D for the database and Partition E for logs so how can i do that and where (on active or passive node)Thank you very much
June 17th, 2009 10:27am

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