Exch 5.5->2003 Upgrade: LsaEnumerateAccountRights returned error 1734
I am doing an upgrade from 5.5 to 2003, as per the Exchange 2003 migration instructions on the CD. Here's the archtecture:Fully debugged/working AD, migrated from NT4, on two 2003 R2 AD servers.Exchange 2003 being installed on the non-FSMO AD server.Exchange 5.5 sp3 still active on an NT4 SP6 system. Exchange 5.5 system was a NT4 BDCAll "prework" done as per the Exchange CD Migration "walk thru". I chose the options to add the first 2003 server to an existing 5.5 environment.DCDIAG, etc. all ran fine with no errors or problems.ForestPrep and Domain Prep Ran successfully with no errors.HOWEVER, Policy Check Returns the following near the end of the report (everything else is OK). Anderson is the 5.5 Exchange Server.======================== DC = "ANDERSON" In site = "(null)" !! LsaEnumerateAccountRights returned error 1734 !!I have found no KB articles at Microsoft, only a few references on Google, with no answers, a search here returned nothing. Any help is greatly appreciated.
September 9th, 2006 3:29am

I am having this exact same error occur for me. If you have found an answer to this error, please let me know.
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October 21st, 2006 3:31am

Hi, On the future Exchange 2003 server, login as a user with the admin privilege, say exadmin, then make sure exadmin is included inthe local administrators group. Then go to Administrative Tools, Local Security Policy, then select Local Policy, User Rights Assignment. Look at the policies listed on the right columne,if administrators (or exadmin if you prefer this way) is not listed within those policies except deny policies, add it in. Then run policy check again. Hope it help, good luck, Steven Zhang MCSE
December 7th, 2006 11:44pm

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