Demoted DC on SBS 2003 before removing Exchange server
Recently, I made the mistake of demoting a SBS 2003 server to a member server while exchange was still running on it. All of the mailboxes and public folders were already moved onto a new Exchange 2007 box. Internet mail is being routed via the Exchange 2007 box also. The SBS box is old and I also brought up a new DC on a server 2008 box. Migrated all data over to the new DC and was all ready to take the old SBS box out of production. So, I demoted the server but didn't know that I should have removed Exchange first. Now, I cannot start any of the Exchange services to prepare the box and follow the step by step procedure to remove the last 2003 exchange server from an orginazation. Can anyone help me figure out how to remove this box from production without hosing my new exchange box.
July 7th, 2010 11:58pm

You can remove the Exchange 2003 Server from AD manually if you have already moved all mailboxes and pf's. You can follow this article where it pertains to Remove Exchange from AD, You might also have to clean up your RUS and remove it manually too. After completing, run ExBPA on your Exchange 2007 Server to see if it throws any errors.MVP Exchange Server
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July 8th, 2010 1:09am

Hi Here's a post about how to remove the last exchange 2003 from 2007 org That could also be of help when going to remove the objects so everything is goneJonas Andersson MCTS: Microsoft Exchange Server 2007/2010 | MCITP: EMA 2007/2010 | MCSE/MCSA Blog:
July 8th, 2010 10:33am

Please refer to the resolution in the KB below for this situation Exchange setup "Server object ... already exists" error message James Luo TechNet Subscriber Support ( If you have any feedback on our support, please contact
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July 12th, 2010 9:34am

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