Custom Response for Individual Resources with Auto Accept Agent
Windows 2003, Exchange 2003 SP2I'd like to provide a custom response per resource using the Auto Accept Agent. We have a number of resources (conference rooms, teleconference linese, etc..) that I would like to provide a custom response for each one individually. I have been able to get a single, global custom response to work, but the individual resource responses do not work for one reason or another. The following XML is the AutoAccept.config.xml we have on the system where the AutoAcceptAgent is registered. I've tried excluding the global custom response, but that just results in the standard response being returned with no custom responses at all. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <Configuration xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns="" xsi:schemaLocation=" AutoAccept.config.xsd" > <GlobalSettings> <BookingWindowInMonths>12</BookingWindowInMonths> <DeleteAttachments>true</DeleteAttachments> <DeleteComments>true</DeleteComments> <DeleteNonCalendarItems>true</DeleteNonCalendarItems> <DisableReminders>true</DisableReminders> <EnforceRecurringMeetingEndDate>true</EnforceRecurringMeetingEndDate> <RecurringMeetingConflictPercentageAllowed>0</RecurringMeetingConflictPercentageAllowed> <RecurringMeetingMaximumConflictInstances>0</RecurringMeetingMaximumConflictInstances> <RemovePrivateProperty>true</RemovePrivateProperty> <TraceLevel>4</TraceLevel> <TraceListenerFile>c:\temp\log.txt</TraceListenerFile> <TraceToEventLog>false</TraceToEventLog> <EnableResponseDetails>true</EnableResponseDetails> <IncludeDebugInResponse>true</IncludeDebugInResponse> <CustomResponseText>Thank you for using the Corporation conference room scheduling system. As a courtesy to others, please remember to update the meeting in your Outlook if the time or location changes, or to cancel it altogether if it is cancelled.</CustomResponseText> </GlobalSettings> <Mailbox EMailAddress=""> <Settings> <EnableResponseDetails>true</EnableResponseDetails> <IncludeDebugInResponse>true</IncludeDebugInResponse> <CustomResponseText>Thank you for scheduling your conference call using the Corporation conference room scheduling system. For your convenience, the following information is provided. Extension: 555 External Number for Dial-In: 555-555-5555 At the first prompt, press 1 for English At the following prompt, press 1 for extension dialing Enter the 3-digit extension, 555, to access the conference call</CustomResponseText> </Settings> </Mailbox> </Configuration>
June 18th, 2009 2:44am

Hi,This behavior is by design. When using the Auto Accept Agent, you can customize the Response Text; however, this is only customizable at the server level and not the mailbox/resource level. Therefore, each resource sends the same Response Text. To customize the response text, modify the <customresponsetext> tag in the Autoaccept.config.xml file located in \programfiles\exchsrvr\agents\autoaccept. In Autoaccept.config.xml file, in the GlobalSettings section, modify the <customresponsetext> tag. In Auto Accept Agent the Custom Response Text attribute can only be set at the Global level. Related articles: Thanks, Elvis
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June 19th, 2009 11:01am

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