Connector options after downstream server failure
Hi all.We have a small remote site running Exchange 2003 - the domain is calledsay REMOTE.ORG.At our head office we have a domain HO.ORG also running XGE 2K3.All email for REMOTE.ORG is sent via the head office to benefit from our spam filters etc, and then onto the remote site using an SMTP Connector.3 days ago the remote site went down (NAS failure)- after various troubleshooting steps and restorations we have the network back up, except for the exchange server (separate domain controller). We still hope to restore the Exchange VM in coming days - the backup of this VM seems to be corrupt and I'm not yet ready to rebuild from scratch (not a huge need to have it back up quickly).On the server at Head office, I yesterday checked the 'Queue for triggered delivery' option in the SMTP connector which I assume will prevent NDR's being sent?Looking at the Queue 'REMOTE.ORG', with the state of 'remote' it looks like the emails are sitting in there.In the meantime I was thinking of somehow allowing users access to their new emails - and thought about using the HO.ORG domain to do this since the emails are already being sent there and I could just give them access to it via webmail, by setting up a few new accounts, adding the domain to the recipient policy and linking up the addresses. There are only a dozen or so email addresses.I've tested this and it seems to work fince, however I was wondering if there was a way to redirect the mail received in the past 3 days which is sitting in the remote queue, back into the newly setup accounts at HO.ORG (that they will access via webmail)??WHat would happen if I deselect that queing option, and change the target of the connector back to the HO.ORG domain? Would it loop around and end up in the HO.Org accounts?Thanks in advance,Andrew
June 25th, 2009 6:56pm

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