All Sites and People Search yields 404 Error Page
I have a newly installed Single Server MOSS 2007 installation with SQL 2005. I followed this article ( the install, and also had the MOSS 2007 Bible as a backup. I have done all Sharepoint and SQL 2005 Server updates from the MS Update site as well. Everytime I search "All Sites" or "People", it directs me to an HTTP 404 page - The Webpage Cannot be found. The URL is http://intranet/searchcenter/Pages/peopleresults.aspx for people search and http://intranet/searchcenter/Pages/Results.aspx?k=fj&s=All%20Sitesfor all sites. Can someone please help me to ficure out what is going on and how to fix this? Thanks again
October 25th, 2007 11:05pm

Did you figure this one out? I am having the same issue...
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February 13th, 2008 8:03pm

Same issue here as well
April 8th, 2008 11:21pm

I have figured out how to fix this on my SharePoint Server. I am not sure how or if or when or by whom this setting was changed, but anyway...Go to your top level site, and click "Site Actions" -> "Site Settings" -> "Modify all site settings"Click the "Search Settings" link, select the "Use custom scopes......" option, then put "/_layouts/osssearchresults.aspx" in the text field. Click okHope this helps
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April 9th, 2008 12:56am

I was having the same problem. Ichanged the search scope at the top level site and this did not fix the issue in the My Site "All Sites" or "People" search. To resolve the issue I had togo to "Central Administration" -> "Shared Services" -> "My Site Settings" under "User Profiles and My Sites" -> In the first textbox for "Preferred Search Center:" I entered the url of the search results page that I got when searching on the top level site for "All Sites" or "People"i.e. http://[sitename]/_layouts/osssearchresults.aspx It was pointing to a page that no longer existed since we changed the site structure around after the original install. This was on a MOSS 2007 setup.
May 14th, 2008 3:57pm

I have a question... http://server:10005/ is my sharepoint portal.. it is form based authentication enabled... and I am able to searh "all site" and current site content.. But as I try to do peoplesearch "404 Page not Found" I tried above trick but not working.... hope for reply
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October 5th, 2009 1:26pm

By default, the search results will not display properly, since you need to have a Search Center in place. In order to use the People Search Box, you have to have a Search Center created and configured on your site collection. This can be created by using the Search Center (or Search Center with Tabs) template located in the Enterprise tab when you create a new site.
July 22nd, 2010 10:02am

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