update resource attributes if I update a reference attribute (singleselectionIdentityPicker) in this resource.
Hi, I have a logique design question for FIM. Solution 1: I have a custom resource(A) in my portal, and some attributes of this resource are link to an other ressources (B).when I select a resource, link to an attribute in the resource A with a SingleSelectionIdentityPicker, I will be update some attributes of my resource A, with the content of the resource B. The attibutes will be the same name in the ressource A and B. (and a link is done with the objet A and the object in the metaverse for the synchronization) Solution 2: Or an other solution, will be that with the SingleSelectionIdentityPicker, when I select a resource, in the user interface, a link appear for see the target resource. is it possible? (the systeme muste be dynamique, a static link in the rcdc xml file isn't possible) With this solution, the data in the synchronisation server aren't update when the user change the value in the SingleSelectionIdentityPicker. The final question: When we update attribut (SingleSelectionIdentityPicker) in a resource, if we have a link to an other resource (solution 2), in the metaverse, the object representation are différent. all the attributes are in a single resource (object C=A+B). So, a transformation must be done in the synchronisation server for the mapping between the attribut of the ressource B and the attribut of the resource A. So, is it more simple to do the first solution(mapping in upstream), or the second solution(mapping in downstream)? or an other solution?, and why 1 or 2 or ...? thank for yours responses
October 12th, 2010 4:04pm

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