unistall aganet for DPM 2012 without messing up DPM 2010


We currently have a production environment running DPM 2010 on Server 2008. It is backing up our Intranet server among other things. I set up a Server 2012 box with DPM 2012 for testing. When I tried to add the Intranet server, I realized that I could not install an agent, but needed to 'attach' the existing one. When I tried that, I got an error message because the server is currently protected by another DPM server. The Intranet server is now listed on the DPM 2012 Management tab under Unprotected computers, status is disabled.

I want to remove the entry, but the only option that I see says 'Uninstall'.

Will that remove the agent from the Intranet server, thereby removing the ability of DPM 2010 to continue backing up this server? If that happens, will reinstalling the agent from DPM 2010 keep the associated backups, or will the new agent installation have a different ID and therefore new backup sets? currently DPM 2010 is backing up the server correctly, so I don't want to make any changes that would change that.

January 17th, 2014 7:32pm

Sorry, wrong forum. Can someone move this to DPM for me?
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January 17th, 2014 11:27pm

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