tapes offsite ready - marked by reclamation job?


We run a daily tape backup cycle with the aim to remove backup tapes from that night in the morning of the day after. i.e Monday night tapes are removed Tuesday morning offsite. Our backups run from 7pm until the AM hours of the morning and our Tape Co-Location settings are as follows:

Write Period 1 days
Expiry tolerance 0 days

In the morning not all of the tapes used for the nightly backup have been marked as offsite ready and therefore we need to manually lookup through the DPM console which tapes were used and cannot simply refer to a scheduled tape management report.

Is the reclamation job which runs at midnight responsible for marking tapes as offsite ready? if so this would explain the reason why the tapes being used afterwards in the AM hours of the morning are not being marked.

Can this reclamation job be rescheduled to a later time after the backups have completed so that the offsite tapes are reflected in the tape management reports?

Is there anything else I can do to help this i.e set the write period to 0 days?


edit: just to add some additional info, DPM 2012 R2 and I am aware that even if the tapes are not marked as offsite ready that they can be removed - but this is not my question. I wish for them to be marked as offsite ready in order for them to be listed in the tape management report without the need to open the DPM console.

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