software metering of virtual applications with specific version failing
Hi, I'm trying to meter software usage for virtual applications, but can not get my rules to match when i input a specific version. Looking at the mtrmgr.log file on the client, when the virtual application is launched, first a getshortpathname error 5 is returned, then getfileversioninfosize gets an error 1812. The result is that sccm can not see the version and the rule is not matched. sccm correctly see the exe being launched from \\\q$\<appfolder>\...\<..>.exe I can map to that drive with an admin account and launch the exe manually, and everything works and sccm picks up the version, but not when i launch the virtual app the normal way using shortcuts. This was tested with multiple applications, on windows 7, with default security, no firewall, ... Is there something in the design that simply prevents sccm from accessing the exe and getting this info? thanks in advance
October 18th, 2010 1:00pm

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