set up a SQL agent job to run a SSIS package remotely
Hi, all Did anybody set up a SQL agent job to run a SSIS package without RDP onto the target SQL box? To clarify: Basically, I have 2 environments: 1. one environment in client's boxes, where I have very limitted permission. I do the SSIS 2008 development on Machine A, and the SQL database engine and SSIS service are on Machine B. I can log into the SQL Engine and SSIS through SSMS, using a domain user account with ssisltduser, sqlagentuserrol. I was given a network share UNC (\\machinename\sharefoldername), and a proxy account to for packages to Run AS. No SQL login, no local path. 2. Feeling dificult to troubleshoot, I created another environment in my local machine, where I have everything. What I want to do is, to try or confirm whether I can set up a SQL job: 1. use the domain user account, or the proxy account 2. use the UNC as a store for my SSIS packages 3. I can import my SSIS packages into SQL MSDB or File System. But I guess I still have to use the UNC for the checkpoint file. Maybe that is why my words seems inconsistent sometimes. Thanks a lot
February 18th, 2011 9:49pm

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