object expected, webresource.axd errors on site
We have a user who started getting weird errors when accessing our MOSS site. When he tries to hit OK on a new item or edit an item or when he hits OK when uploading a document nothing happens. He gets an Error on Page in the bottom of his IE. He gets a whole host of errors but mostly they are Object Expected and "WebForm_PostBackOptions is undefined". He also receives errors when mousing over the ASP dropdown menus we have on the site (the menus do not work). I found this post and we are running ISA but this user is remote and not connecting through ISA. All of the other hits I've gotten on Google are calling for IIS changes but as he's the only user with this problem I do not think it's server-side. We have upgraded him to IE8 and run the latest Java installer but neither has impacted his problem.
February 17th, 2010 6:23pm

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