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hi , i need to add to a row to matrix that is not part of a group(not related to the other rows) how can i do it?(in my example givedworkdays is not a task type) for example user : jhon roy number of tasks(by types) holyday 5 6 phone 4 0 fax 7 9 (given workdays) 22 18 im working on ssrs 2005 thanks
February 16th, 2011 9:12am

I think you can do this in SSRS 2005. Click on your Tasks textbox in your matrix and right click and select Insert row and select Outside a group below and try to fill in your Working days field. I guess it's a database value Fields!WorkingDays.value. hopefully this will work. try it and update me. All the best. Dasari
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February 17th, 2011 12:57am

Hi, To achieve your purpose, you can splice two matrices together, please follow below steps: 1. Drag another matrix to the report, make the column groups of the new matrix the same with the existing one, you can bind the new matrix to the same dataset, and set the data cell value. 2. Delete the values of the new matrix header (click and then press Backspace), set the height of the new matrix header to 0in to hide it. 3. Send the new matrix to back, and move it to the button of the existing one, finally align the new matrix to the original, then you can preview the report. In addition, you can also add a subtotal row as the new row: 1. Right click the row group header, select Subtotal, set the Subtotal text (value) to "given workdays" 2. Suppose the data cell value is =Count(Fields!ID.Value), then change the expression to: =iif(InScope("RowGroupName"),Count(Fields!ID.Value),Fields!GivenWorkdays.Value) I have uploaded my report as an example, you can download and refer to: If both my solutions don't work as you want, could you post an example with sample data to clarify your requirement? Thanks, Albert Ye
February 22nd, 2011 4:17am

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