get loggedin User profile data using webservice in infopath
Hi All, my requirement is to get loggedin user data through webservice and displayed in InfoPath form. i have follow the below steps. Create the form Open InfoPath and design a new, blank form Save the form as UserProfilexsn Add/configure web service data to each Textbox 1. Double click on first field textbox (i.e. Account Name,First Name, Last Name, etc.,) and click on “fx” button 2. Click on Insert field or Group button 3. Select GetUserProfilebyName(Secondary) option from dropdown 4. Expand “data Field” till Value Data and select Value and then select “Filter Data” 5. Click on Add button, · From first drop down “select a Field or Group”à From Property Data Select Name · Second dropdown “select is Equal To” · Third dropdown “Select Type a Text”à Type a text for each field like “FirstName” then click Ok’s till end and click on Apply again click on Ok. Add web service to form From Tools menuà Data connectionà lick on Add button Select Create new connection toàReceive dataà Click Next Select Web Serviceà Click Next Enter web service URL http://localhost:9000/_vti_bin/userprofileservice.asmx Click Next. Select Method/Function GetUserProfileByNameà Click Nextà Click Nextà Click Next Enter the Data connection name or keep default name and don’t forget to select checkbox “Automatically receive data when the form is opened”. Click Finish Click Close Set the security level of the form From the Main Toolbar, select Tools | Form Options Select Security and Trust from the list box Clear the checkbox next to Automatically determine security level Select Full Trust Hit OK. Publish form as a document library 1. Fileà Click on Publish 2. Select “To a SharePoint server with or without infopath forms Services”, Click Next 3. Enter site URL http://localhost:9000/ click Next 4. Click Next, Select Create a new document library, click next 5. Enter library name and click next 6. Click on Add button to create columns in to the above newly create library a. Select a field or groupàselect first field (E.g.: txtFirstName) b. Site Column groupàCreate a new column in this library c. Column Name à Give column name (E.g.: First Name) 7. Click Next à Click on Publish 8. Open your siteà document library and cheked. when i clicked on New menu from Form Library it is just opening Administration Account name though i have logged in with other user. Please help me out to resolve it.Mohammed
October 26th, 2010 6:07am

This thread might be of assistance. -Brian
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October 27th, 2010 12:07pm

Hi Brian, i already checked that link anyways thanks for the link. I'll explain you the problem iam getting. I have configured the Userprofileservice.asmx service to infopath and published as a document library. The thing is when i am opening form the data is getting displayed only for Administrator though i have loggedin as different user(e.g.: Test1). What my thaught is i have published this form as an Administrator and i think due to this it is displaying only Administrator. Its my Project requirment can any one help me to get it resolve. Brain is their other forum for infopath where i can kept this thread?Mohammed
October 28th, 2010 2:47am

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