filling with default values
I am doing one report, in that report i want default values when the the value is not present. the scenario is like this: 1. there are some jobs( nothing but product names), for every job there is a video. 2. For that video some actions are there like videoviewed, featureviewed, magnifyiewed. these all actions come under one column called "action". 3. my concern is to show for every job & its all actions.if the user didn't click on any tab of the video there is no action generated for that, even though we have to show that action and its count as zero. 4. i want to show the productnames and its actions, irrespective of whether the action is performed or not. 5. here i am facing another issue, i.e. i have toggled all the actions based on jobname (productname) . so if i am doing left outer join some values of jobname showing as null value( because if the action is not performed there no jobname for that action, so it is coming under 'null' jobname, 6. i want to show it as all the actions and all the actions under all jobs any information will be greatly helpful.Nagaraj
November 22nd, 2012 3:01am

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