error in webpage when adding a content editor webpart
When I add more than 3 content editor webparts at a webpage, I'm retrieving an error in my internet explorer when I want to edit a webpart on the page. When throwing it a away in maintenance view, the parts are editable.In google chrome I am able to edit the webpart, but it shows HTML and looks to odd to know whether this works well.I have faced this problem multiple times at multiple client sites..anybody knows the cause?I'm a BI person using it for BI purposes so put it in hereBusiness Intelligence professional
February 7th, 2010 8:34am

The reason why Chrome have layouts problem is because sharepoint was optimize to Internet explorer here the document about browsers support. Plan browser support (Office SharePoint Server) Lage Microsoft SharePoint, CRM and Sybase Consultant Blog: Codeplex:
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February 7th, 2010 2:44pm

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