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I am facing a problem with the SQL reporting Service and also am pretty much new to the reporting service I need to create a yearly report from a table called say tblData. It has rows like [items] [Amount] [Date]. Item1 100 05/2005 Item1 110 06/2005 Item2 200 05/2005 Item2 230 06/2005 Now I want the report like [Items] [First month] [Second month] etc... The data for the first month, second month etc will be the [amount] for that month. ie the report rows should be like [item] [05/2005] [06/2005] item 1 100 110 item 2 200 230 In the report the month columns will be dynamic according to the data in the tblData table... Now how should I implement this? First I though of writing up a Stored Procedure so that the sp returns the formatted data (i.e. a returning a table having the having the dynamic columns). But how can I create the report using these dynamic columns in the reporting service?
October 26th, 2012 12:11pm

For that you use a matrix, not a table. Check this: Adding a Matrix (Reporting Services) Add the Item column on the Rows cell.Add the Month column on the Column cell.Add the Value column on the Data cell.
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October 26th, 2012 12:22pm

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