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We have a web application running on MOSS, but we do not really use those MOSS features. Is that possible to downgrade our existing web application from MOSS to WSS 3.0?Our goal is to migrate this MOSS web application back to WSS 3.0 web application and then upgrade to SharePoint Foundation Server 2010.Thanks in advance,Peter
February 19th, 2010 6:56pm

>We have a web application running on MOSS, but we do not really use those MOSS features. Is that possible to downgrade our >existing web application from MOSS to WSS 3.0? I think that Ahmed is an optimist. Firstly "don't really use those MOSS features" isn't enough. Even if (and it's a big if) you use nothing that is only in MOSS, those features are still installed in your system. My suggestion is always to *try* transfering things as the most basic level which is via Save List as Template (with content). If you really aren't using any MOSS only features that is likely to work where other things like backup/restore won't because of those functions being installed even if "really not used". Naturally the wise thing is to put WSS 3.0 on its own server and leave the MOSS up while you are doing your experiments (which I would start with a Save Site as Template (plus using it) attempt as if it works then you don't need to bother with all the List templates). But if there is even only one List that is different; using a Site template won't work and you'll need to go the Lists way (and find out which List(s) were causing the Site template problem. FAQ sites: (SP 2010); (v3) and (WSS 2.0) Complete Book Lists (incl. foreign language) on each site.
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February 19th, 2010 10:00pm

I have created two single server SharePoint environments. One is for WSS 3.0, and the other is for MOSS. I created default web applications on both WSS 3.0 and MOSS environments. Then I created a new site collection under default web application in MOSS called MyTestCollection. Also I uploaded some files into MyTestCollection in MOSS environment. Then I backed up the MyTestCollection from MOSS and restored it into WSS 3.0 environment. The new site collection MyTestCollection along with documents uploaded now works in WSS 3.0 environment. It seems to me it is easy to downgrade a MOSS environment back to WSS 3.0 if we did not really use those MOSS features. Do miss something here? Thanks in advance, Peter
February 24th, 2010 10:03pm

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