difference in subsites under Enterprise version of subsite in SharePoint 2010

Dear all,

I have a need to change the subsite masterpage and css. Now I find that option is not there in this subsite. I see some strange difference in some other subsites - wherein those options are there. How do we correct this?

I am attaching this for your reference and inputs.




any inputs will be helpful.



May 23rd, 2015 8:38am

Hi Sathya,

To activate the master pages under "Look and feel" section we have activate two features:

1. SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure (under Site collection features)

2. SharePoint Server Publishing (under Manage Site Feature)

More information is here:


Best Regards,

Dennis Guo

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May 24th, 2015 10:15pm

Dear Dennis,

In my case - both these settings were on.

I had following these steps to achieve my requirement.

I had downloaded a sharepoint sample master page


I had used the sharepoint power shell commands to update this in my subsite.

$web = Get-SPWeb http://intranet.com

$web.MasterUrl = "/subsite/_catalogs/masterpage/_starter_publishing.master"


also I had copied the _starter_publishing.master in the subsite - under master page. After the powershell command this is taking the new custom master page

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May 25th, 2015 5:19am

Dear Sathya,

Thanks for sharing! It will help others who suck with the problem!

Best Regards

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May 25th, 2015 9:10pm

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