can we have two filter web parts on same wiki page


Can we have a HTML form web part and a list filter web part on the same "wiki" page ?

I tried to add both on the page, but the latter doesn't add.

If anyone faced a similar issue, can you please let me know a workaround. 



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May 16th, 2015 5:18pm

Hi Prajk,

In SharePoint, we can add more than one web part in a same wiki page.

Why did you say the latter cannot be added? I am wondering whether there are some errors when you add the web part into the page. If yes, please provide more information about this error.

And also please check ULS log file to find whether there is something about this issue.

Please create a new wiki page, and add the two web parts in the new page, compare the result.

Please create a new wiki page, add the list filter web part in the page, check if you can add it successfully.



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May 25th, 2015 8:04am

Yes you can..
May 25th, 2015 12:37pm

Hi, Wendy -

Thanks for your response. I can add two web parts intermittently. Sometimes, I can add and sometimes I can't, sometimes the web part gets added but when i edit the page it becomes invisible and remains invisible thereafter. 

When i put "?contents=1" in the url, i can see the web parts listed though. 

The HTML form web part i use for implementing a filter. Sometimes when i edit the HTML filter web part and change the source editor, and click on save, it asks me various options, like : 

1. Do you want to cancel the changes

2. Do you want to merge the changes, etc ......

I find such anomalies on wiki page from long time. I want to be sure, if this is the case only with me or most of the SharePoint users ?

I don't get any error message as such.

Thanks again.

Kind Regards,


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May 26th, 2015 4:43am

Hi prajk,

What is HTML filter? I am wondering whether it is created by you or from a solution.

By default, there are some filter web parts(like List filter web part) which will be invisiable if we don't configure it to connect to a proper source.

What broswer did you use for SharePoint? Please use IE 10 32-bit to test, and check the result.

Please create a new wiki page, and test again.



May 26th, 2015 9:21pm

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