Windows search restrictions?


Can anyone tell me why when I search for a specific file name in windows 7 (that I categorically know is there!!), why windows tells me it can't be found?

As an example, I am searching for a pdf file with the string L-SW-DB8308-04R-01 in it. If I start at DB8308.... it finds it and highlights that section yellow. But although the file name contains a sufix and prefix, typing the full string returns nothing.

Now before someone says "but are you sure about the zeros, underscores etc", I have even resort to copying and pasting the name of the file I am searching for (from the location I know it to be in and that I am searching), but to no avail.

My question(s):

Is there a restriction on the number of search characters? Can anyone tell me if "L-SW-" is a restricted string? What am I doing wrong? (Using Windows 7 is a legit answer but will not be accepted)

Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

February 4th, 2014 9:14pm

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