Windows Media Player won't play files from SharePoint Internet sites
Hi There As the issue description says, we are not able to play media files which are loaded into SharePoint using WMP (Version 12.0.7600.16667) These SharePoint sites are internet sites and as such the domains are different where SharePoint is located and from where user's are trying to play the content. Our SharePoint sites are sitting behind a proxy (TMG 2010). When authors of the site load a media file into the SharePoint document library and then tries to play it back in their WMP, they get a message saying "Windows Media Player cannot access the file. The file might be in use, you might not have access to the computer where the file is stored, or your proxy settings might not be correct." As mentioned, both domains are different (we authenticate to SharePoint using LDAP whereas users are on AD(Windows). Is it possible to play media files from SharePoint when clients and SharePoint are on different domain ?xwindow
September 27th, 2011 2:13am

Whilst my solution isn't a direct answer, have you considered converting the files into Flash/SWF? That way you avoid authentication issues and in the long run lower your storage costs.Steven Andrews | SharePoint Professional | |
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September 27th, 2011 10:37am

Hi, Although this solution is not directly related to SharePoint , but it's a general one. Please try it Go to Control Panel > Hardware and Sound >Sound and then something should pop up saying certain enhancements are interfering with something Terminate the program? Click yes and your problem should be solved. Hope this helps ! Talib Ali Khan | SharePoint Specialist | MCTS |
September 27th, 2011 11:04am

Hi, Refer this and let me know if it helps: I hope this will help you out.Thanks, Rahul Rashu
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September 27th, 2011 2:40pm

Thanks Everyone! While converting the files to SWF do handle the problem in business context, but unfortunately not in our case. Here, we have designed a custom webpart which plays all the media files in the document library. Problem is, when authors upload these files and want to play it back, they are not able to because of the problem I described. Is it a known issue and can it be fixed ?xwindow
September 27th, 2011 7:20pm

Another thing we noticed is that, this issue happens only when the document library has a broken permission. Our web site is having anonymous access and document libraries which inherits from the web, the media files play good, only when inheritance is broken and anon bit is turned off, the issue happens. Any ideas how to resolve this issue ? SP is on FBAxwindow
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November 20th, 2011 12:59am

Did you solve this problem? If so what is the solution? Thanks in advance!
May 8th, 2012 2:05am

Ya, I am looking for a status update as well!
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May 8th, 2012 7:50am

We have since be in touch with PSS on this. The problem is still there. It does seem to be an authentication issue. I'll post an update with solution once this is resolved. Thanksxwindow
May 16th, 2012 7:16am

Hello Everyone, we had a detailed discussion with MSFT PSS on this and this is what I've for offer. We're on SharePoint 2010 where we're using the silverlight media player to render the video files. However, before we opened the case with PSS, we had problem in playing the video files with the silverlight media player webpart as well. The error was generic one "Media failed to load". PSS worked on this and found that the wmv files that we uploaded were not encoded for silverlight. we were suggested to download the free microsoft expression encoder 4 from here and re-encode the files using the "IIS smooth streaming" option under "Encoding for silverlight". once we did this, the files were played properly by the silverlight media player webpart. however, the issue with WMP player not playing the files still remains. this is something to do with authentication and is still being investigated. Thanks!xwindow
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May 28th, 2012 12:42am

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