Has anyone deployed WinFLP using SCCM OSD? If so I need some help. First I am unable to create an OS Install Package from the WinFLP setup files? Has anyone gotten this to work? If so how? Second I tried slipstreaming SP3 for WinFLP into the WinFLP setup and it is unable to work? Probably because WinFLP has a different setup than regular XP (uses a wim like Vista, but the Wim was created using one of the first ximage tools and I am unable to mount using those tools) I know I can just install WinFLP manually on my reference machine and make that work but I'd rather have sccm build the reference machine for me. Thanks, Terry
September 8th, 2009 7:58pm

According to the documentation ( it is supported, so I gues it should work like every other OS (but I didn't work with it myself).My Blog:
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September 8th, 2009 9:15pm

Yes I know it is supported for a SCCM Client and I have in fact captured a WinFLP OS I installed manually and put it in SCCM and deployed out again, but now I want SCCM to create my reference machine for me and right now I cant get it to create a OS Install Package. I just tried creating a task sequence that boots into PE and then I try to just do a install SW Package (I've created one that does a WinFLP install using a unattended file) but that failed with error 0x00000082 Not sure why. Thanks, Terry
September 9th, 2009 12:12am

What is the error (or problem) that you get then by adding WinFLP as an Operating System Install Package?My Blog:
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September 9th, 2009 10:52am

Sorry that would be good info huh? When trying to create the OS package I point it to the source directory where I have the WinFLP install files. But it always says"the specified source directory does not contain a valid operating system" I am pointing it at the correct directory and the correct folders are there (I've done this many times before with other OS's). But even so I still double checked and tried pointing this at different levels to see what it would do. Looking at the WinFLP setup files I saw a few things: There is a file in the root of the setup files called "win51is.sp1" my guess is that the version of WinFLP is SP1 ish (Which by the way is the only version there is) so maybe because it isn't saying SP2 SCCM says it is bad (Anyone know for sure how SCCM determines the version etc). I have the SP3 specifically for WinFLP but Microsoft doesn't make an integrated version. So I tried slipstreaming the files and that didn't work because WinFLP's setup is neither XP nor Vista it is something inbetween. What I mean by that is there is the typical folders i386 etc.. you would see in XP and there are even files in them, but there is also a WIM file. So I tried mounting the Wim file.... no luck there either because the brainiacs that created it used one of the oldest versions of ximage there is. So... I got a copy of this version of ximage and I was indeed able to read the wim but guess what... that version of ximage doesn't allow one to mount wim files! Arrggg... Anyway, at this point not sure what to do next besides just manually installing the reference machine. Thanks, Terry
September 9th, 2009 4:45pm

*Bump*Any luck on this, I am getting the same error when trying to add winFlP to my OS Packages.
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October 14th, 2009 5:08am

Wow, I didn't think anyone else would even be trying ;) Yes I did get it worked out. But it took a long time of trying everything possible to try to create an OS install package. The issues is that the WinFLP setup isn't quite XP, not quite XP Embedded and not quite 'longhorn' it is a weird combination of all three of those technologies. The wim that is used is a very old version and even if you wanted to take the time to try to make it work you cant because the people who built it (remember this was very early on when Ximage was just released) they didn't do it right, or should I say they didn't do it like they do things today. To work around this basically we did a manual install of WinFLP on a PC with just the bare minimums (IE, Media Player, Mgmt tools, addt'l driver support). As soon as it was done and in the OS we logged off (didn't even do any driver installs for missing drivers) and booted to PE and took an image using imageX. We then uploaded this image to SCCM as an image package. We figure this is as close to a OS Install out of the box we could get. In our 'build reference machine and capture' task sequence instead of using a OS Install Package to lay down the image we did a install OS Image task instead. The rest of the tasks pretty much stayed the same. We built up the other tasks and now it runs start to finish from creating the reference machine to capturing to building out other pcs. Thanks, Terry
October 14th, 2009 8:10pm

Two years later I'm using this after I was unable to import the provided .wim file and import the Operating System Install Package, thanks Keith R. Johnston
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August 10th, 2011 11:43am

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