What is the cost to upgrade from OneDrive Consumer to OneDrive for business, and can I sync my OneNote 365 Home over OneDrive for Business?
The reason I'm investigating the upgrade is because I get NO support for OneNote 365 sync issues over OneDrive Consumer -- other than a forum, which I have yet to discover where it is located and how to access it. The answer I get whenever I try to find any kind of help with sync issues is, "we only support OneDrive for Business here." It would appear that the Assure Software Support Plan that I subscribed to for $149 was purchased through the Office 365 Personal site, so even that does not get me any support other than Chat Techs who do not appear to know anything about OneDrive sync issues. So what would it cost to subscribe to or purchase OneDrive for business even though I'm not a business?
May 28th, 2015 3:35am

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