What is significance of MethodDCStartVerbose Opcode in Microsoft-Windows-DotNETRuntimeRun down Provider for CLR ETW


Kindly, let me know the significance of MethodDCStart & MethodDCEnd Opcode of Microsoft-Windows-DotNETRuntimeRundown provider for CLR ETW in .NET Fwk 4.0



Let say a method ends at time 0.176912789 and starts at time 0.176885539, from this data can I conclude that this method took a duration of 0.27250 sec to get Jitted?

Will this log each and every method in my application? If not what all methods will it log (Selection criteria)? One obvious thing is since its CLR ETW Provider it will log methods from managed code only.

Is there any way using CLR ETW (not custom ETW) to know how long it took for a method to execute?

Waiting for reply.

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