Wake on LAN via Intel AMT
In implementing wake on lan, we have found the built in feature to be lacking (machine must have ad to run to wake up). I was wondering if anyone has successfully used the out of band management component to wake machines on demand (no ad to run just need to power on a machine). The component seems to speak mostly to setting the bios and managing a new machine out of the box but that is not a necessity for us. Also all of our machines are on the network. I do not wish to manage machine via the internet or once they have been pulled off site for a certain amount of time. I am hoping that that the out of band management can do this. also, if this capability is built into sccm why would an mvp instruct us to use a third party utility like 1e with the basic function that I am requesting? (notes from previous sys admin) Is this possible with the regular out of band management. It looks cumbersome to setup only to roll it back becuase it didnt meet our needs. I am willing to set it up providing it can do the items i've requested. Is anyone successfully using out of band management to wake machines only?
July 31st, 2012 11:37am

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