WSS 3.0 - Audit of User permissions
We have a WSS 3.0 SP2 Setup of a Windows 2003 Server Std. Box.We are looking at delegating some of the Administrator roles to some helpdesk staff.I see that there is some auditing of the WSS. Is there Auditing of what permissions are granted/changes for users on the site as a whole?I have seem some settings regarding this *but I may not be doing the proper searchs this monday morning to see the results* though I am mainly intrestest in seeing when permissoins are granted or changed to the users access of sites/files.Where can I verify that the Auditing is enabled, and where is that logging done (within the database or outside the databse in one of the log files)?ThanksAdam
February 8th, 2010 4:28pm

Hi Adam, Yes, you can view audit log report to trace what permissions are granted/changed for users on a specific site. To check whether you’ve enabled auditing for your site, please go to the top level site -> Site Settings -> Site collection audit settings -> Enable “Editing Users and Permissions”. To view the audit log, please back to Site Settings -> Audit log reports -> Security Settings.1. In the Excel file, manually filter the event you’re interesting in.2. After filtering the spreadsheet, located the right site ID, double click the “Total” cell, you will have detailed information listed in another spreadsheet including when permissions are granted or changed. Hope it helps.Lily Wu
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February 10th, 2010 12:13pm

On our WSS 3.0 SP2 version:I have the permissions to see all the settings, I may be completely daft today but I when to the top level of the Sharepoint site.-> Site Settings -> I do not see the label for ' Site collection audit settings" (which heading should this be under?)I have seen a 'Site Collection Features ' under 'Site Collection Administration ' that gives me 2 options to set features for.Though I do not see the ' Site collection audit " as you had noted.Thanks for the assistance.Adam
February 10th, 2010 11:08pm

Hi Adam,This setting is visible to site collection administrator.You can refer to: Regards. Lily Wu
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February 11th, 2010 4:59am

I am trying to do the same thing here. I do have site Site Collection Audit Settings or Audit Log Reports in Site Settings. How do we get this to work in WSS 3.0?Dave Stewart
August 8th, 2010 9:29pm

Auditing of Sharepoint will come with interface in MOSS 2007 in central admin as stated in previous replies. But for WSS 3.0 it wont come in interface. You have to activate auditing for WSS site manually through code. use the following code: SPSite siteCollection = SPContext.Current.Site; // Turn on auditing flags. siteCollection.Audit.AuditFlags = SPAuditMaskType.All; siteCollection.Audit.Update(); Once auditing is actiavted the audit data would be stored in content database with table name AUDITDATA. There is no interface in WSS 3.0 to view the audit logs. Therefore we have to manually query this table to get the audit results. Hope you find this useful
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August 18th, 2010 11:32am

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