ViewFormPagesLockDown not allowing to create Sub Site in SharePoint 2013 Office 365

This problem is happening in SharePoint 2013 Office 365 E4

I'm not able to create a sub site using custom team site template, I'm getting the below error message

Problem applying web template

Feature Description: ViewFormPagesLockDown Feature  

Feature Scope: Site Collection

Feature ID: 7c6.....c4

Problem: Not activated.

Please help to resolve this issue ASAP, its very urgent requirement to create sub sites and users started moving contents from IBM connections.

Thanks in advance,


May 21st, 2015 12:03am

Hi Shri,

The ViewFormPagesLockDown feature will be enabled when we enable the SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure.

I recommend to enable the SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure feature by going to Site Settings of the root site > Site collection features > activate SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure and then create the subsite with the custom template to see if the issue still occurs.

In the meanwhile, you can post your question to the forum for Office 365:

More experts will assist you, then you will get more information relation to SharePoint Online.



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May 21st, 2015 11:07pm

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