Using Site Collection Help Library on Multiple Web Applications

We recently started to use the Site Collection Help Library and found it to be the best way to present information to our staff about how to use the site. While it has taken a while to get used to how to create the document, it is saving us a lot of time.

However, I realized that this was only being created on our Extranet Site. I know that I can turn on the feature on our other two Web Applications, but after internal discussions, I've been told that they want all of the same help documents presented on the other two Web Applications (i.e. our Intranet and MySite).

Is there a way to make the one existing Site Collection Help Library the master to all of the Web Applications so that I don't have to upload items three times? If not, I would be able to upload the Media Files of screenshots only to the original library and they would still be visible on the other Web Applications without having to re-insert all of the pictures according to Web Application, correct?

May 19th, 2015 4:41pm

Hi Geeka,

As my understanding, you want to copy Help Items across web applications. Is it right?

You can export the library from the original web application, then import it to other web applications.

If you want to copy one file once it is uploaded to the original web application site collection, per my knowledge, there is no OOB way to achieve it. You can develop a custom workflow activity, then use the custom workflow activity to copy documents across web applications.

Or, you can find a third party workflow activity to do it.

There is some articles about developing a workflow activity, please check if they are useful for you:



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May 20th, 2015 8:43am

Wendy -

Thanks for those leads. Before getting too deep into any of them, I tested with the one Help Document that I created. While the document opened fine in the new location, because all the Help Media Files were linked into the document with the Link to File option, they were all broken because the file pointed to the original location.

It appears that even if I can copy over all the files with using it as a template or a workflow, I would still have to edit each of the documents to relink the media.

I wish that there was a "Farm Help Collection" because it seems to be counter-productive to have to place directions in multiple locations (i.e. How to connect to a mobile device to the SharePoint Site should be available on the web applications that we make accessible from the Outside).

I had hoped to get around having to create three times - that was what was going to have to happen if I created "Help Wiki". I think the benefits is that at least from using this option is that so far the documents print much better than trying to print a Wiki page (and staff still will print despite attempts to lower the need to print).

Thanks again!

May 21st, 2015 2:45pm

Hi Geeka,

Per my knowledge, there is no "Farm Help Collection" in SharePoint.

For your issue, I suggest you use the real file as an item in the Help Library instead of a link linked to a File. Then you can use a template or workflow to copy these files into other web application site collection Help library.



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May 26th, 2015 10:42pm

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