Using Sharepoint Designer to modify a site created wtih madcap flare

We have a sharepoint site that was created and published with madcap flare software.  unfortunately the person who did this is no longer with us and no one else knows how to use that software.  is it possible to use sharepoint designer to modify the contents, add, delete, etc.?    I'm sorry for the novice sounding question but we keep getting conflicting internal information.  We are being told we have to copy/paste  190+ files onto another sharepoint site just so we can have ongoing access and authoring capability.  I thought I would check here before we reinvent the wheel.

thank you for whatever advice and help you can lend.

January 13th, 2014 12:11am

I do not know what madcap flare product does but quick read on this suggests that they have some sort of SharePoint integration software. I could not find details that suggests that this software will create site in SharePoint, it simply connects with your SharePoint site and lets you view SP document from Flare interface. 

Lets assume that someone used this software to create SP site but at the end of the day its a SharePoint site and nothing should (ideally) stop you from accessing it using your browser. You should not need any special software to access SP Site. 

So my suggestion is to find the URL of the site that you are using. Once you find the URL use the same URL to access the site by simply typing the URL in the browser and see if you can access the site. If you access the site then I think you have your answer but if you cant then provide details on the error that you received while accessing the site.

Let us know if you cannot find the URL of this SP site.

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January 13th, 2014 5:49am

Can you try and open up the SharePoint deployment in the Flare software?

I think there's a justifiable argument to be made when it comes to learning what your colleague has done.  I've had a look at the info that the Flare vendors have.  This blog entry suggests that you can do more than just view the files from within Flare. 

As Amit also saysm, this tool doesn't control the authentication or access to the site/library where these are stored. Your overal admin should be able to locate these with the relevant search terms.

How were these documents accessed previously bt users that didn't hae the tool?

January 13th, 2014 6:59am

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