User Profile Replication Engine: full replication of only certain accounts
I've configured the user profile replication engine to do incremental replication between two geographically separate farms and this works ok. But how can I replicate the profile info of all users that belong to a particular group? Our two farms have been up and running awhile and so the users of each farm already have profile data. When I setup incremental replication it will only get NEW changes. I can't do a full replication to or from the remote farm because each farm is the 'home' for a subset of users and a full replication would over-write the profile info on the destination farm.I want to do a "partial-full" replication - ideally respecting the settings in the "trusted my site host locations", but we could base the replication on AD groups also.Any Suggestions? Thanks.-John
February 22nd, 2010 5:04pm

For settings up User profile replication consider a scenario where lets say you have 2 different country users in 2 farms, e.g Canada and Unted Kingdom. Users from canada have their mysite with all details in Farm 1 and United Kingdom users have their details in Farm 2. Then you set up replication between 2 farms, which will sync data between 2 farms so that you have same data available for use in 2 farms. Full replication looks into the user domains during full replication while incremental replication uses trusted host location entries and audience groups to replicate user changes. For the requirement you have, I would suggest you segregate them into audience groups and then use them to target trusted mysite host location. Any change that you make in user profile in farm 1 will be replicated into farm 2 and vise versa. Hope this will give you some idea on how to implement the same.
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July 17th, 2011 12:42am

In case anyone else is trying to do this, the way to accomplish it is to do a recovery replication start-spProfileServiceRecoveryReplication where you specify an input text file listing the logon names of the accounts you want to replicate. I created the list of accounts from Active Directory.
July 23rd, 2012 9:28am

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