Unable to see previous VM name in DPM Protection Group in Online State.

Suppose i am having the VM named as VM_XYZ hosted on Hyper-V. I took the backup of .vhd file related to XYZ machine into the external drive and then i created the new VM into the same Hyper-V named as VM_XYZ-NEW with the same configuration and setting, after that i used to attached the .vhd file of  previous (VM_XYZ) vm to new name(VM_XYZ-NEW) vm.

In between i deleted the previous VM (VM_XYZ)from Hyper-V because it does not have it .vhd file.

Now in our environment  DPM (Data Protection Manager ) is responsible to take the backup of all the VM to Tape Library. In Past
we created the Protection Group and added all the machines into it.Previously DPM is taking the backup of  all the virtual machines including VM_XYZ  smoothly . we added this new VM into VM_XYZ-NEW into that protection group and DPM is taking the backup smoothly.

But i need to change the VM name as its previous one (i.e VM_XYZ), when i m going to do this DPM does not showing my virtual machine  in protection group into ONLINE state, it is showing in OFFLINE state. It too important to change the name of my VM from previous to new one (i.e VM_XYZ-NEW to VM_XYZ).

What will i do to eradicate this issue.??? Please suggest.

May 20th, 2015 3:22am

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