Two problems
I am having two small (hopefully) issues with SS. First, the set up.I haver 3 Vista Home machines, each runnung SS. Each has several user accounts - we are a small school and each student needs their own account. I am using SS as a measure of security and to prevent innapproprate access. There is one shared printer conected to one of the machines.Prior to installing SS, I could print from any machine/any user. Now I am only able to print from users on the machine connected to the printer or from the admin account (which has no SS account) on any machine. From any account/computer I can access the shared drive, which is on the same computer connected to the printer, but when I try to print to the shared printer, it will not print. If I try to add the printer, I get a user name/password request that does not accept any admin account info as valid. All I want to do is have these machines print to the shared printer. Any help?Second, and less troublesome, is on some of the accounts (but not all), when the user logs in, a My Computer windo automatically pops up. All users are have an identical SS configuratuion, but this only happens on some accounts. It's not a huge concern as it only shows the CD/DVD drive - all others are hidden, but its an annoyance.
February 25th, 2010 7:37pm

Hi, based on my experience, these two issues are not directly caused by Windows SteadyState. You can temporarily disable all restrictions on the computer and see if the issue still occurs. For the second issue, please refer to the following KB article: Windows Explorer Starts When You Start Your Computer;EN-US;q228502Hope this helps!Sean Zhu - MSFT
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March 1st, 2010 9:22am

bbnetwork, Windows printer sharing can be a nightmare - even without SS installed. Its just an inherent flaw within windows and printer sharing. With that said, make sure each and every account (admin level and limited user) has the same password - you don't have to make both admin and user level accounts use the same password, just make sure each admin account on each machine and each user account on each machine have the same password. Admin accounts and user accounts' passwords can be different - got that? :D The printer that is connected to the machine should be shared and made sure that the printer's permissions are set to allow users from the Users Group be able to connect to it. Log onto a machine that you want to connect to the printer with an Admin account. Install the printer driver and try to connect. If it asks for the username and password for the machine that has the printer attached, provide them. (that machine should be logged into its admin account also. See if it connects. Then log both machines out from their admin accounts and log them both into their user accounts, and see if you can print something from the 2nd machine. If not, there is a permissions error somewhere. Easiest thing to do (although this may not be feasible) is to use a network printer (a printer with its own IP address). Then you can turn off File and Print Sharing on each machine and not have to worry about malware infecting the machines through open shares. Just a thought. HTH, PhilipJealousy is not proof of love, nor proof of emotional immaturity
March 1st, 2010 11:31pm

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