Trying to migrate CAS to a newer server and it broke. Help.

Title says it all. I read the best way to do this was to "recover" the CAS server to another one and either do some sort of backup of the original CAS server or have it pull the configuration data from a primary site server. I chose to try and do the latter, and it didn't work. It just errored out about 17 minutes into the install and it wasn't working. I couldn't see the primary site server in monitoring, any of my packages, or any of my devices, etc. So, in an effort to get things working again, I tried to bring back up the old CAS server after shutting down the new fubar'd one.

Now the replication won't sync. (ReplicationAnalysis.log, identifying information about my AD domain has been changed to 'example')

My question for now is how do I get back to a happy harmony between my old CAS and my primary site (P01)?

Any help appreciated.

January 22nd, 2014 12:46pm

Hi Bediaa,

In the monitoring workspace, you will find a node: database replication,the stautus of he link between your current cas and primary site will be shown,  the replication status can be seen either as link is Active, Degraded or Failed. If failed or degaded, right click and select Replication Link Analyser.  You will find a detailed blog on this by Prajwal Desai

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February 1st, 2014 9:21am

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