The 'Name'='<null>' part of the cookie is invalid error in SSRS
I have a problem in reporting services that I'm struggling with and can't find any related posts or documentation. Any suggestions would help at this point... We're running Reporting Services 2008 R2. Everything is fine there until I open a locally written Java web application on the same machine which then results in an SSRS error page in any subsequent action (navigation to a new folder, report or page refresh at the current location, etc.). Even if I open SSRS in a new instance of Internet Explorer - it results in this error. The two applications just won't coexist. Closing the Java application (logging out and exiting the application) immediately frees SSRS - even a page sitting there with an error refreshes OK once the Java app is closed. Reopening the Java application again results in any subsequent SSRS action throwing the error. When in the "broken" state the SSRS eror page displays the message"The 'Name'='<null>' part of the cookie is invalid error. ". It's always precisely the same message. The one circumstance I've found that avoids this conflict is to select "Safety / InPrivate Browsing" in IE to open an InPrivate browser session. SSRS pages then work as expected even when the Java app is up in another session (though I must admit I haven't tested this exhaustively). Opening the Java application from within this same InPrivate session then results in the SSRS error state (again, until I close the Java app). Unfortunately, workflow leads many people to use both the Java applications and SSRS at the same time (there are actually several of the Java apps in this class of applications, all with the same impact on SSRS). Forcing them to remember what application works in which session and to keep them separated won't be a popular move. (We're talking lots of staff who fall into this pattern of usage - though we've only recently begun to deliver reports to them). I've been using the "F12" developer tools in IE 8 and 9 to view cookies and try to tell what's going on - without much luck. I see cookies created by the Java app, some I suspect are related to SSRS but showing no clear pattern of interference (if that's what this is). I can't use the extensive FireFox add ons because the local Java app won't run in that browser. I'd like to understand the issue on the SSRS side to give the Java team guidance on where to look. A cursory review of the Java code by the support team that now owns it didn't turn up anything obviously wrong. (I'm not a Java developer myself). If I can pinpoint the source of the conflict on the SSRS side I'm sure they can help. Does anyone have an idea of what I might try next? Thanks
February 3rd, 2012 2:37pm

Well, in case anyone else should encounter this same issue - here's what we found (with the assistance of Microsoft Support). Coincidentally - Reporting Services is creating a domain level session cookie with precisely the same name as that of our own local application. It took the combined trace and control resources of Fiddler (Fiddler 2) and the F12 developer tools to find out, carefully tracing the HTTP traffic going on between the browser and server in both successful and unsuccessful sessions. It appears that the SSRS cookie is in the format "XXXSesionID" where XXX is the first three characters of either the local DNS or MSAD domain. That just happens to be the same pattern used in the local application. We have not yet chosen an approach to correct this, but we're now aware of the root cause of the issue and from that have a better feel for our options.
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April 13th, 2012 2:17pm

Same issue here. We experience this when using UAG with SSRS when accessing reports via the /_vti_bin/ReportServer SharePoint 2010 http redirection. We currently have a ticket open with MS. This is very similar to this ticket which has a solution for a standalone machine:
May 9th, 2012 6:14pm

Solution here: RobertRFreeman
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August 1st, 2012 7:28pm

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