Team Site connecting to network drives
We currently have network drives for each department. I'm in the process of creating team sites for each dept. When it comes to file sharing, what is the best way to share files. I do not want some files to be in sharepoint and some on the network drives. I know you can map network drives to document librairies, but I almost need the opposite, to be able to point to the network drives within sharepoint in order to view and save files. Can this be done and/or are there any other workarounds to this problem?Moving the files from the network drive to the sharepoint server and mapping the drives that way is out of the question as the sharepoint server doesn't have enough disk space to accomodate this.I've added a Page Viewer webpart and directed the link to a share on the network but this just opens up the folder in an explorer window. I would like to keep everything within the team site.
February 25th, 2010 1:18am

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