I am preparing to upgrade a site to ConfigMgr 2012 R2 (and subsequently SP2).  The site is running SQL Server 2008 with SP4.  In order to run /testdbupgrade, I set up SQL Server 2008 on a separate system and installed SP4 so that it is at the same version as the production SQL Server.  When I run setup.exe /testdbupgrade, it fails with "SQL Server version is not supported."

Based on what I read in the supported configurations, SP4 for SQL Server 2008 is supported if SQL Server was upgraded to it.

Is there a way to get the /testdbupgrade to work in this scenario?



May 28th, 2015 3:29pm

There is no SP2 for R2 yet. It's either CM12SP2 or CM12R2SP1 (both versions are using the same binaries). You can upgrade from CM12SP1 to CM12SP2 and "convert" it to R2(SP1) using the 1MB download that's part of the "SP2" download.
See https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/gg682077.aspx#BKMK_SupConfigSQLDBconfig so SQL 2008 SP4 should be supported. What does C:\ConfigMgrPrereq.log tell? Which SQL version is detected? What does "select @@version" tell?

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May 28th, 2015 3:51pm


Thanks for the correction of my terminology.  And after I posted, I realized I was using original ConfigMgr 2012 R2 media to run the testdbupgrade.  I switched and used the CM12SP2 media and the testdbupgrade proceeds as expected.



May 28th, 2015 3:58pm

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