Synchronizing a SharePoint Contact List (MOSS 2007) with Outlook 2007 contacts
I am looking for some authoritative reference regarding which Outlook contact properties can be synchronized with a SharePoint Contact list. I would like to take advantage of the synchronization between the SharePoint Contact list type and Outlook, but there is a relatively limited number of columns that come with the default SharePoint Contact list type - whereas there are many, many more properties available in an Outlook contact. So this is what I tried to do: added columns to my SharePoint Contact list that correspond to existing Outlook contact properties ("assistant's name" and "assistant's phone") then populated my SharePoint list data then, from my SharePoint contact list, Connect to Outlook then looked for the assistant's name and phone in my Outlook contact Contact tab - Show Group - All fields - Select from "All Contact fields" The Assistant's name and phone number were not populated in the Outlook contact.I looked at the Microsoft Knowledge Base article "" which says "You can synchronize a limited set of predefined properties by using the Connect to Outlook feature".Is there some authoritative reference as to what that "limited set of predefined properties" might be? Here's hoping it isn't limited to just the default columns in the SharePoint Contact list ....
February 25th, 2010 1:58am

Hi, I think you needn’t to add the two columns manually, there have two site columns “Assistant’s Name” and “Assistant’s Phone” by default, you only need to add the two columns from “add from existing site columns” in the SharePoint Contact list. After this, when you connect to outlook, the two columns will synchronize to Outlook contact list. Hope it helps.Xue-Mei Chang
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March 1st, 2010 9:41am

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