Synchronisation issues?

We have this weird issue that seems to be only affecting a few secondary sites on the SMS_COLLECTION_EVALUATOR component.

The message in the status message viewer comes up as: SMS Collection Evaluator failed to update collection "" in the collection source.

Yes, the content between the quotes are really empty. When I take a look at the colleval.log of the affected secondary site, entries like these come up:

**********~Processing file 0igwnazb.PSD
Loading the collection definition for collection , from file \\*server name*\SMS_*site code*\inboxes\\0igwnazb.PSD, with method SEC_SITE_REFRESH and flags 0x2. Collection currently does not exist.
Collection definition change time '04/13/2007 10:50:25'
CCollectionSource_FILE::GetFileName - unable to open file D:\SMS\inboxes\\.CLF for collection  - an unnamed file was not found.
Added 0 direct members and 0 query rules.
CCollectionSource_FILE::InsertCollection - no ID specified.
Inserted collection
CCollectionEvaluator::LoadCollectionDefinition - could not save collection
Could not load collection definition from parent site.  Will retry later.
Failed to manage all files in inbox.  Will retry in 120 minutes

When I verify my, the said PSD file is still present, but obviously the CLF it was supposed to create did not get created since it has no name. Is there any way to check what collection it is trying to process from the primary site's database?

My temporary workaround for now is to simply delete the PSD file, reset the counts on the server, and they seem to go away for a while, but then they seem to come back.

September 6th, 2012 7:05pm

Im cleaning up old posts, did you figure this out yet? IF so what was the solution?

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December 22nd, 2014 6:26am

Since no one has answer this post, I recommend opening  a support case with CSS as they can work with you to solve this problem.

January 24th, 2015 7:50pm

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