Still not what a pro desktop user needs

I'm sorry to say that, tried W8, did not want it at all, thought W10 would bring back a pro GUI, but it's not !

I tried the professionnal x64 release, the start menu shows 10% or less professionnal tools, where is the run button ?

I'm disappointed that the unique flat theme offers almost no usefull customization, for productivity, people need that (the way it was on Windows XP was much better). Can't Microsoft hear that ? Each user has his own way of working, mousing, keyboarding... and needs a GUI where all elements can be resized, colorized... etc. Search on the web for "Change explorer background color windows 7" and you will see what I mean. I hate to have a bright white background, it hurts.

Pro workstations and mobile devices are as different as would be fridge and a thermos. Would you design a fridge considering thermos requirements ?

I can't believe Microsoft is paying attention to users feedback, I believe they pay attention only to their marketing department for whom only market part size matters.

All serious corporations (like banks, government, industry, R&D...) should never accept cloud data hosting nor cloud apps, security & privacy are their priority.

All Unix GUIs were made for pro users, and these users were feeling fine with these. Why didn't you just made a X11-like GUI as Apple did ? What most users (even home users) want is performance, simple actions and customization. They won't upgrade their OS just for some more integrated gadgets and a cloud-binded system. Some may want, I will never.


B.P. Software & System Eng. (Embedded systems)

May 31st, 2015 9:18am

To be positive too, here are simple ideas that would make IMO a pro release :

  • Office should be fully integrated to the O.S. (at least most used apps: word, excel)
  • Events console rapid access
  • CLI (command) rapid access
  • TCP/IP config 1-click access (not 10 clicks to change a DNS adress)
  • Meta-desktop view with multiple desktops seen as sub-frames allowing drag&drops, copy/pastes...
  • Components activation choice during install process
  • Pro backup solution integrated
  • Automation tools, simplified tasks scheduler, indexing options
  • simple / advanced / Unix-like search engine (3 levels)
  • shared DNS server component for intranet domain to replace workgroup system even without any local windows server available
  • ...
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May 31st, 2015 9:41am

Agreed. I waited for a few updates before i installed on a dual boot machine. I to did not touch W8 or 8.1, i used it a bit and hated the fact that it was obviously created for a computer that very few of us had.

Now we have Windows 10 and apart from a few changes we seem to have basically stuck to the same problems that W8 had for everyone. At least now its feels a bit like it was actually made with a non tablet/touch screen in mind as well.

However if after this build we have basically seen all there is to see then i think i will stick with W7, when will MS learn to give us what we want not what they think we want. To many clicks to do a simple thing, stuff still hidden in to many different places. The should be far less folders and menus than there is now. We would like a slimmed down GUI but we still want to be able to customise it to our preferences.

I want to have the GUi of my choosing, font, colour, size of menu bar, size of scroll bar etc, all these things we had in W7 and now with 8 and now 10 we have lost this. I bet there are allot of tweakers out there who are licking their lips at all the tweaks they are going to come up with so we can have the interface we want.

Looks like i will be un installing W10 when it ships because i cant see it being anything like i hoped or wanted. I do wonder who it is that MS claim to be listening to if we cant get the OS we want.

Yours to loose MS.

May 31st, 2015 10:43am

Completely agree with your opinion. The lack of customization options is why I NEVER seriously considered windows 8 and I WON'T install win10 even for free unless:

1) I get TOTAL control and ability to completely remove and disable Metro elements. I work on my PC and I don't need the clutter... I have other devices for social apps and a web browser that is far more secure than MS's offering. Lastly, I will sooner destroy my pc with a blow torch than give a bunch of apps invasive permissions to have access to my personal computer. I dislike that for the phones and even more for PCs.

2) I can completely disable any MS access to my machine with the exception of windows update and technical assistance IF required and accepted by me. By this I mean: no active aps, MS store (they have websites if I need to buy things).

The biggest issue here is not some sort of "aversion to 'progress'" as some marketers keep pointing out, but aversion to useless clutter that doesn't contribute anything to my productivity and serves as a distraction. I think most thinking individuals would agree that there is a difference between those two concepts.

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May 31st, 2015 10:38pm

I was reading some comments by MS moderators and basically the attitude I spotted was a sort of "we are better than thou" bit with a side serving of "get on with progress you backward log"...  I think at some point the philosophy of this company (as well as of it's founder) changed from providing a competitive product for clients (if it ever was that) to basically telling clients what they should want and be - "school to work", baby... well, Win8 was the result........

But on a more serious note, the simplistic UI and picturesque "we will now run your pc" is the marketing calculation that most users actually will benefit from a simple to use computer that hides all the guts and gives you a "feed" of social app candy... so, they know they will profit from this simplistic and inflexible UI!!!!!!

The failure of win8 in that respect was the terrible reviews the OS got from experienced users. They are now being smarter and just GIVING AWAY win10 lol well, NOT with METRO and a store I can't remove, you don't. But if they throw enough money at advertising and give out enough copies, they may actually succeeed.
May 31st, 2015 10:48pm

Unfortunately the fact is, Steve Balmer, the Previous Microsoft CEO was the one that invented the "Metro Design" which makes it some how related to Android, and unfortunately also Trashed the "Windows Classic" Low-Res Themes(used by Windows 9x to Windows 7) instead because he felt Bill Gates was terrible at new Themes and such, figured as much with others, but also these 3 Reasons might have something to do with Crashes affecting the High-Res themes,

  • No support for themes that use visual styles, such as Windows Aero.  Users of high contrast themes must use the Windows classic   UI.
  • No support for UI features that rely on Desktop Window Manager (DWM) to run, such as thumbnail previews and the full screen magnifier that was introduced in Windows 7.
  • Developers must maintain two separate code paths to support the two different theming models.
In Other Words, Microsoft's CEO Said No because of these 3 issues they do not want to Revisit, if anything, more people are going to get rather disgruntled and may even push Microsoft to Extend Windows 7 by another 4 years for support, just like what they did to XP, so in Turn, Microsoft is refusing to act on restoring the Windows Classic, well I figure this makes me rather upset on it, I just wish Microsoft had understood the reasons why the "Windows Classic" Low-Res Themes is one most users do not want to see going bye bye.
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June 1st, 2015 3:43am

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